The fact that fillers are derived from a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and that it has been used for more than 40 years, making it a safe product. As the skin ages, it gradually loses some of its collagen and fat preserves, leading it looking wrinkled and saggy. Dermal fillers are used to help plump out lines and wrinkles, and their popularity has grown tremendously internationally in recent years. Temporary fillers tend to last between 12- 18 months. Depending on the type of filler used and the area to be treated, the effect will be plumping-out of the skin, providing you with a firmer more youthful look.

All substances injected using a fine needle or canula are inserted at several points along the edge of the treatment site. For several small areas – such as nasolabial creases between the nose and mouth – only 1 injection may be necessary. Any swelling or bruising incurred will heal after a few days. This injection enhances your lips, gives natural volume and smooths wrinkles around the mouth and frown area. Immediate results can be seen. These are safe and reliable products.

Done with canula or needle:

Upper lip  
Lower lip  
Mouth corner fill  
Lip enhancement  
Chin lines filled  
Horizontal chin line  
Nasolabial folds  
Facial and acne scarring  
Tear trough lines (Blue ring under eye)  
Midface volumising  

Consultation with Dr. Dalton R 550.00